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We welcome to all authors for submission of papers concerning Computer Science and Engineering, Information Technology, Electrical and Electronics Engineering, Electronics and Telecommunication, Mechanical Engineering, and Civil Engineering disciplines. The different innovative research is covered by the journal topics

Paper Review Policy:

All submitted process will be reviewed by Full Double Blind Review Process which may take maximum 03 days from the date of submission. Once paper is accepted, It can not be withdrawn at any condition. We are advising to all the authors, do not submit same article to multiple journals at same time. You may wait for review report.

Paper Withdrawn/ Cancellation Policy:

All accepted papers of associated journals will be property of "(IJCAER)". It is please noted that:

  • Paper cannot be withdrawn at any condition once it is accepted. This information is already draft to the author when paper was submitted to the journal.
  • Authors have to wait for review status of his/her paper. It may be reviewed within 07 days from the date of submission.
  • Accepted paper cannot be send by the author for any other journals/ conferences/media till the paper status is not cleared. If it is found then IJCAER may make claim against the concerned person.
  • Authors have to send all supported documents within given time. Given time may be extended (Max. 05 days) after the permission of Editor In Chief.
  • Publication fee is fixed which is decided by ''Board of Directors” of IJCAER. No waiver in publication charge is permitted. There are common norms for all authors.

Copyright Policy:

Authors note that paper can not be withdrawn at any condition once it is accepted. The Author may not publish his/her contribution anywhere else without the prior written permission of the publisher unless it has been changed substantially. The Author warrants that his/her contribution is original, except for such excerpts from copyrighted works as may be included with the permission of the copyright holder and author thereof, that it contains no libellous statements, and does not infringe on any copyright, trademark, patent, statutory right, or propriety right of others.

The Author signs for and accepts responsibility for releasing this material on behalf of any and all co-authors. In return for these rights:

  • All proprietary rights other than copyrights, such as patent rights.
  • The right to use all or part of this article, including tables and figures in future works of their own, provided that the proper acknowledgment is made to the Publisher as copyright holder.
  • The right to make copies of this article for his/her own use, but not for sale.
  • It is the responsibility of each author to ensure that papers submitted to the journal are written with ethical standards in mind, concerning plagiarism. The author is requested to go through the “publication ethics policies” of the journal first.
  • This paper has not been published in the same form elsewhere.
  • It will not be submitted anywhere else for publication prior to acceptance/rejection by this Journal.
  • For any dispute or related violence, it will be discussed and considered only in front of ‘Judiciary of Bhopal’ at Bhopal, Madhya Pradesh, India.



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